I was married at the young age of 18. I had 4 children and was a stay-at-home mom. During those years I was so busy. I never dreamed of what would come after my children were grown. Now 30 years later, married to the same wonderful man, I now am living my dreams. In my 40’s I decided to become an actress. I never thought I’d ever love fashion. Often, as actresses, we are required to have a certain look, especially for commercials. As I shopped, so much of what I saw was for the young and the trendy, or else for the older woman. The quest for style started to develop in my mind for those of us that are middle aged and want to look vibrant and attractive. I truly believe the right clothing can make us feel great and have self-confidence. So, to all of us who are discovering just who we really are, may the right outfit make us feel bold and empowered!